The real-estate sector is an everlasting industry and has been cemented in consumers’ minds as the primary investment outlet and given greater importance due to developers’ extensive supply.
With the fierce competition, developers started to pay great attention to their strategic decisions. This extends from introducing new differentiated projects with unique market entry strategies and exploring the best land use, to creation of unmatchable residential and commercial destinations with solid corporate brand strategies paving the way for guaranteed success.



Real Estate “Pulse”:
A thorough and insightful report that assists developers in making strategic decisions, Pulse is a monthly syndicated study that tracks the real estate market from a supply scanning perspective across different geographical areas (East Cairo, West Cairo, North Coast, Ain El Sokhna and Red Sea).

Success Stories


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The team at The Board Consulting are truly talented calibers of marketing, they are truly marketers who have really exceeded much of our expectations.
The team is not the typical brand creators or brand managers, they truly take things to heart, and their level of detail they demonstrated to their clients is truly unbelievable.
I have worked with many multinational agencies and I can wholeheartedly say that The Board Consulting or these guys take the branding game to a whole different level in Egypt.


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We at ORA appreciate your outstanding commitment, performance and patience throughout 2020. We consider the Board team as one of the main partners of our success to ORA.


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I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a real good job. We are glad that we at City Edge Developments decided to work with you over the past 2 years, you were our open eyes over the market across all destinations we cover. The significant is the development and enhancement you always do on your products tackling your clients’ specific needs. Thanks, guys!